WhatsApp To Soon Let You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls


Whatsapp beta has received a new update to Windows Phone devices. However, the quick switch button will make its way to the stable version soon. And in case the person rejects the offer, the voice call will continue as normal. It's also worth mentioning that WhatsApp users can now also delete the voice message after they preview it.

This button is visible when you are in a voice call: when pressed, WhatsApp will send a request to the recipient, asking if he wants to "convert" the current voice call in a video call. This feature may not be a huge one but one of the most useful one that is requested by several WhatsApp users across the world.

The video calling option button is only available during one-to-one voice calls and won't work for group calls, though we'd suspect that over time such a feature could make it into WhatsApp, especially as smartphone screen sizes are big enough to support split screens.

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After all, there are times when a voice call may be initiated between two strangers or people who are talking for the first time for a objective. For instance, imagine you are on a voice call with your friend and decide to switch to video call.

When the company recently announced its live location tracking feature, the presentation included a graphic that clearly showed icons for both voice and video calling inside a group chat. This consumes a lot of time, and WhatsApp - though late - has now realized that. Note: the recipient can either accept or reject the request, depending on their wish. This feature is now available only on beta version of Whatsapp.

Besides, popular social media platform, Facebook has also added a new Instagram-Whatsapp feature, where users can instantly post their Instagram stories as Whatsapp Status.