View of Economy Is at Record High


But he failed to mention almost half the respondents credit Barack Obama for the success.

Even though 66 percent of American voters believe the economy is either "excellent" or "good", only 37 percent believe that Trump's policies are helping the economy. "That is the highest number ever recorded by this poll", he wrote on Twitter.

The survey of 1,106 registered voters was conducted January 5-9 with a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.

The Quinnipiac University Poll conducts nationwide public opinion surveys, and statewide polls in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa and Colorado as a public service and for research.

"President Trump can hang his hat on the economy, but must share the hat rack with President Barack Obama, as two-thirds of the country see the economic picture as excellent or good", Malloy said. Another 30 per cent said his policies were not making much of a difference.

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On two other qualities, whether Trump is intelligent or strong, voters agreed that he is both.

But perhaps most frightening, 69 percent of voters believe the president is not level-headed, and 57 percent believe he is not fit to serve.

In terms of grading, the poll found that the largest portion of respondents, 39 percent, give Trump an "F" for this first year in office, while 17 percent give him a "D", 16 percent give him a "A", 16 percent give him a "B" and 11 percent give him a "C". So, once President Trump started campaigning on these policies about lowering taxes, about rolling back regulations, there was an anticipation that started to creep up and that started to force businesses to unleash the purse strings.

Despite this, Trump tweeted out portions of the poll on Thursday.

Trump's job approval rating was 36 percent, the same score in a poll taken shortly after his inauguration.