First Look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in VENOM!


Directed by Ruben Fleischer from a script by Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg, Venom stars Tom Hardy, Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed.

After months of teasing, the official Venom logo has been confirmed, as well as plot details and a thrilling first look at Tom Hardy in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

I can promise you badass action, Venom's dark humor, and I can also promise you an absolutely stunning performance by Tom Hardy. The first entry reads: "So how exactly does the Life Foundation go about testing its pharmaceuticals?". Their wealthy, powerful clientele aim to emerge from their shelter to build a new society post-apocalypse. More recently, the Venom symbiote has been moving between hosts, including Mac Gargan (aka The Scorpion) and Peter Parker's old high school rival, Flash Thompson.

It looks like this version of Brock will be fit, but not bodybuilder size like the original from the comics.

The question is though, will fans get to see the five symbiotes in the Venom movie, or will they have to wait for Scream, Agony, Phage, Riot, and Lasher to appear in the film's sequel? It also featured the Life Foundation. While the Life Foundation isn't responsible for turning Eddie Brock into Venom in the comic books, they do capture Venom and extract five additional "symbiotes" from him.

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It looks like Brock, in his job as a reporter, is pressing The Life Foundation on its shady dealings.

The last question is obscured by Hardy's lovely, sturdy fingers.

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That is starting to change ahead of the October 5 release of the film, which is still filming.