Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway: 'Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton'


Adding, "We don't care about her".

She said she's "hopping mad" that the media refuses to inform the American people, bringing up a bipartisan bill signed by Trump on Wednesday to stem the flow of fentanyl into the U.S.

Unless Conway was leaving out President Donald Trump, this is blatantly false.

Conway said nothing came of the meeting and when pressed further by Cuomo on why they went, she said, "The point is, you can't get over the election". Nobody here talks about her. "I'll never talk about her again, but then you can't talk about the 2016 election because she lost that election!"

"I haven't mentioned the election once", Cuomo said.

Conway responded in a series of tweets in which she.repeatedly mentioned Hillary Clinton.

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A cursory Twitter search of every time Trump has tweeted "Hillary" - if you dare - can be viewed here. "Hey Chris, nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton, I promise you", said Conway.

Conway, for her part, tweeted a clip from her appearance on Trump's favorite morning show. "That's, perhaps, ridiculous, and a lot of people looked upon that as being a very serious breach".

In another answer at the bilateral conference, the President repeated a variant of "no collusion" in reference to his campaign's relationship with the Russians during the 2016 election eight times in less than two minutes. "You guys are frozen in that moment, that's why you bring up Hillary Clinton, that's why you're having her investigated, it's as obvious as it is counterproductive".

Conway told Cuomo in a heated interview the previous night that Trump "discovered" a wall isn't needed across the entire southern border of the United States, because rivers, mountains and other terrain aren't "conducive to building an actual physical structure in some places".

When Cuomo argued to Conway that a wall "isn't going to stop illegal drugs coming into this country", Conway fired back.

Conway appeared to be referring to CNN's "Facts First" ad campaign. "But that's not my problem".