Winter returns to the area this weekend; does that mean snow?


The storm may begin as a rain, icy, snow mix on Friday. This will allow scattered showers to develop on Thursday, with a wetter day likely on Friday.

A major surge of warm air is moving this way and ahead of our next storm system we'll have highs warming into the 50s.

As you can see on both models below, it's not a question of whether or not there WILL be snow, but WHERE it will fall.

"We'll be looking to make some decisions about staffing levels and whether to hold crews over, go to 16-hour shifts, or whether we might actually need to call in mutual assistance crews from elsewhere". This is very typical of winter storms, and indicates an area of strong lift in the atmosphere which would infer heavier snow totals.

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As of Wednesday afternoon, four of our main forecast models (aka simulations of the atmosphere's behavior) show this zone of heavier snow located west of us Friday night into Saturday.

The above model also lingers the snow chances a bit longer into Saturday that Model two (below) does. We will watch this closely.

It's those details that will help determine what type and how much precipitation we can expect in central in - and whether we can expect less than an inch or a few inches of snow and where.