TCL Make Hisense Look Second Rate AT CES 2018


In recent days, Roku announced plans to develop its own voice assistant, one simply called Roku Entertainment Assistant; it also announced Roku Connect. TCL's latest portfolio strengthens its reputation for picture performance with increased Contrast Control Zones for exceptionally bright whites and deep blacks, a new iPQ Engine for controlled and precise color reproduction, and high-dynamic range (HDR) Pro Gamma for impactful HDR performance in any environment.

We learned a few things about the new Voice Assistant during the TCL press conference: TCL said that by fall 2018 the Roku Assistant will be rolling out to select Roku TV models.

TCL happens to be America's fastest and most innovative TV brand.

The first Roku smart sound bar has been announced. Besides TCL, Roku TVs will also get a flurry of brand new features that will wow the crowds at the CES 2018.

The TCL Roku Soundbar will be the first of the firm's Alto lineup of audio products. "TCL has confirmed that the 85" Premium QLED Private Theatre X6 TV, QUHD Android TV C6 series and QUHD Android TV P9 series are all coming to Australia, as a starter.

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"As we continue to innovate, we're able to produce televisions engineered with features that maximize technologies which already exist in our sets like Dolby Vision and the Roku OS to deliver outstanding performance at an incredible value". Ever since the partnership between TCL and Roku began, supersmart TVs have entered the market.

TCL is the largest distributor of Roku TVs in the United States and the largest TV manufacturer in China.

TCL's rise in popularity has been impressive, but not without reason. "We envision a broader Roku ecosystem where the TV is the center of the home entertainment experience, making Roku TV even more desirable". Pricing for the 55-inch is $649, unchanged for the model it replaces.

"The P6 will come in 43", 50", 55" and 65" models topping out at $2,699 AUD for the 65" model, releasing in April 2018.

"The TCL Roku Smart Soundbar will be able to turn on a TCL Roku TV when asked to launch video content or stream audio even when the TV is turned off. Consumers will be able to use their voice to play, pause and resume music and audio without picking up a remote control or pushing a button", explained Roku.