Fired Programmer James Damore Sues Google for Discrimination - Against White Men


The claim is backed up with a screenshot of internal communications, which provide a glimpse into Fong-Jones' attitude towards both political dissenters and white males.

Damore is joined by another former Google engineer named David Gudeman, who faced "wrongful termination" in 2016 after three years as a software engineer.

The details of the lawsuit were published online via Scribd, which outlines the general gist of what the lawsuit is about, where it states...

"Google employs illegal hiring quotas to fill its desired percentages of women and favored minority candidates, and openly shames managers of business units who fail to meet their quotas - in the process, openly denigrating male and Caucasian employees as less favored than others."

In the complaint, filed in California court, Damore contends that Google "ostracized, belittled and punished" him and a fellow plaintiff, and that he and others who share his views at Google long have been "singled out, mistreated, and systematically punished and terminated from Google, in violation of their legal rights".

Damore, 28, says he submitted early versions of his memo to Google's human resources department without being reprimanded. The main source of controversy in the memo was the assertion that women may not be as well-suited to jobs in tech companies because of the demands of the job.

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Google is also facing allegations that it discriminated against women who taught its employees' children at the company's preschool.

Damore was sacked for "perpetuating gender stereotypes". Now, Damore is fighting back. At the time of his ouster, Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, described Damore's comments as "offensive", arguing they violating the company's Code of Conduct and would advance "harmful gender stereotypes in the workplace".

The suit claims Google protected employees who silenced conservatives: "Google created an environment of protecting employees who harassed individuals who spoke out against Google's view or the 'Googley way, ' as it is sometimes known internally". "In one example of this, an employee gave a Peer Bonus to another employee, and stated that the bonus was for 'speaking up for googley values and promoting [diversity and inclusion] in the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is [Damore's Memo].' The Google Recognition Team reviewed this justification, considered it appropriate, and allowed the bonus to proceed". It will look especially egregious in court for Google.

An engineer fired from Google last summer over a controversial memo is suing the company for discrimination.

The suit isn't the only one Google is having to defend itself against.

At the in-person training, entitled "Bias Busting", Google discussed how biases against women exist in the workplace, and how "white male privilege" exists in the workplace.