Assassin's Creed Origins 'The Hidden Ones' Expansion Coming Soon


Over on Assassin's Creed's official website, Ubisoft detailed what players can expect from Origins in January starting with a title update. Ubisoft is promising to release a mix of free updates and DLC expansions across all platforms for January.

The Hidden Ones also launches this month.

The first Assassin's Creed Origins expansion will see Bayek and his assassin's take on the force in a completely new region of the game.

This will let the players keep all their upgrades and weapons and armor and enjoy them in a new game+ mode with much harder difficulties compared to the default in order to scale with their endgame gear.

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Players will continue Bayek's story, exploring and battling against the Romans in a new region, as well increasing their skills with a boost to the game's level cap. The exact release date of "The Hidden Ones" has yet to be announced.

Update to the loot chests item pool, which adds all the items from the Nightmare and First Civilization packs, as well as the Gladiator and Wacky packs. The Hidden Ones will be available at no additional cost to Season Pass owners.

Some of the other additions to Assassin's Creed Origins in January include the return of Trial of the Gods and new costume packs. Once that's over, players will be able to take on the devious Sobek from January 23 to January 30. The company noted these delays are courtesy of the development of Assassin's Creed Origins. The Warden's Oath, a new outfit, will also be added to the available Ubisoft Club rewards.