Trump could be interviewed over Russian Federation 'within weeks'


With the possibility now looming that the president himself could be subject to an interview by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Mueller's investigators, Trump's legal team has been debating whether it would be possible to simply avoid it...

Special Counsel Robert Mueller personally attended a meeting last month with President Donald Trump's lawyers to discuss the ongoing Russian Federation investigation during which the special counsel raised the possibility that his office may need to speak to the president, according to a source with direct knowledge of the conversation.

During a panel discussion on special counsel Robert Mueller's desire to sit down and interview Donald Trump - much to his lawyer's chagrin - an MSNBC analyst suggested Mueller's investigators may attempt to bait the president in order to get him to blurt out something incriminating.

Trump's effort to keep Sessions in charge of an investigation into his campaign offers Mueller yet another avenue to explore as his prosecutors work to untangle potential evidence of obstruction.

He said Trump claims he "was listening to his lawyers", but if he really was, then "there's lots and lots of stuff that he would not have done, said, tweeted".

But The Times' report appears to undermine that claim.

"They are afraid of a Lester Holt moment".

Bharara predicted that Trump will want to meet with Mueller and his investigative team, even if his lawyers advise against it. "They're afraid", Johnson explained, pointing to Trump's admission to the NBC anchor that he considered "this Russian Federation thing" before firing FBI Director James Comey.

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If the interview must happen, the Trump team has questions about how.

Donald Trump speaks with his son Donald Trump Jr. during a news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., January 11, 2017.

Trump told reporters at Camp David that The New York Times story first reporting the request was "way off, or at least off", - though he wouldn't say how.

Trump's lawyers said at first that he was not involved in and did not know about the meeting. That statement had to be amended several times after it emerged that Trump Jr. took the meeting after he was offered dirt on Clinton, and after he was informed that it was "part of Russian Federation and its government's support for Mr. Trump".

Ty Cobb, special counsel to the President, said he wasn't aware that Mueller had started using a new grand jury.

"If you try to corruptly persuade a witness to testify falsely, that is a separate offense", he told Business Insider in September.

Experts agreed about this latest Trump news that from the Trump team's perspective, an interview poses risks. That information can be in the form of statements by others they interviewed or press accounts. "That focus seems to be on the President and his son".

"We are, however, seeing a mosaic being constructed which all point to the President and/or a few around him trying to derail the investigation", Cramer said.