Razer Phone converts to laptop in Project Linda product concept


But Razer's Project Linda might be another effort worth taking a look at.

To dock the Razer Phone into the laptop, you simply nestle it into the slot where the touchpad goes and press a button on the keyboard, which makes a USB Type-C dongle pop out and poke itself into the Razer Phone's port. The phone's Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile platform and 8 GB of RAM deliver responsive performance, instantly transforming Project Linda into an Android laptop.

Finally, Project Linda improves Android gaming and productivity.

Based on the Razer Blade Stealth, Project Linda is indistinguishable from the company's other high-end Windows laptops. Special Android keys on the Project Linda keyboard optimize it for use with the phone-which is, of course, the only way the laptop can be used. The 13.3-inch quad-HD display has the same high 120Hz refresh rate as the Razer Phone. Furthermore, since Project Linda lacks internal hardware of its own, it relies on the docked phone's processing power instead, essentially allowing you to run Android on a larger screen.

The laptop also boasts 200GB of built-in storage, so there is some offline storage available.

Because it's still a concept, Project Linda doesn't have a release date or a price.

Razer Phone converts to laptop in Project Linda product concept
Razer Phone converts to laptop in Project Linda product concept

I for one can't help but feel like this project is a bit of extra justification for the Razor phone's shortcomings and existence.

We're accustomed to Razer's annual fun, brash CES prototypes turn into vaporware, and sometimes what the company shows us are barely functioning prototypes. This marks the Razer Phone as the first mobile device to support both of these standards with Netflix, and the 5.1 rating will work with both the external speakers and the included 3.5mm dongle that's THX-certified.

ABOUT RAZER:Razer™ is the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers.

When docked, the interface switches to a more traditional laptop-style one, complete with a taskbar. Now this is Razer, so Chroma is included.

The laptop shell boasts a CNC aluminium unibody chassis and is just 15mm thick when closed, weighing in at 1.25kg (including Razer Phone). Razer is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1337).

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