New Kia Niro SUV revealed at CES


There's also a safety system with cameras to detect pedestrians or cyclists and an external speaker to warn them if they don't hear the Niro EV approaching.

If the auto detects a pedestrian or cyclist in front of it, it issues a warning aimed at alerting them to the presence of the silent electric vehicle. The new vehicles include hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, plus a new fuel-cell electric vehicle in 2020.

Kia has said before that the Niro will mirror the Hyundai IONIQ closely and this points to the development of a pure EV variant. It'll go hand in hand with the automaker's plans for connected and autonomous cars, too. Energy is provided by a high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack, paired with a powerful 150 kW electric motor, the company says.

Apart from the production model of the Niro EV concept, Kia says that they will also be rolling out no less than 16 new vehicles, all of which will use some form of electrification, by 2025.

Kia's best-selling model in overseas markets was the Sportage compact SUV with 415,558 units sold. With its 150kW electric motor, the concept boasts a range of 238 miles.

Kia Niro EV concept
While the concept showcases some tech still in the early stages of development the styling previews the production Niro EV due later this year

Kia vice-chairman Dr. Woong-chul Yang said: "Kia's connected cars will be both boundless and connected and offer a new kind of mobility experience".

Inside, there's a new wraparound design to the dashboard, finished in silver, grey, and bronze. Apparently one example of the touch controls is on a leather-wrapped section of the Niro EV steering wheel. While Kia envisions owners using face recognition and voice control to "log-in" to their cars in the future.

The Niro EV concept is a nice follow-up to the Soul EV, which is rated at 111 miles of range. These exhibits also have what Kia calls the world's first in-vehicle 5G connection and facial recognition tech that will disable many features of a auto if it doesn't recognize a driver.

Kia also announced that it will expand its WiBLE auto sharing service - which launched in Korea a year ago - to select European cities in 2018. Past year the range was expanded with the addition of a plug-in hybrid version. Kia says it'll start that process in Europe, offering one-way trips rather than demanding the auto be returned to the same starting point.

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