Here's How PUBG Runs On Xbox One X With The New Update


Announced via Twitter from the game's official account (below), the update is now live on the test servers with plans to bring it to the live servers shortly.

"This means that you no longer need to be killed by a suspected cheater for you to be able to use the in-game reporting tool", so reads this Steam Community update, before suggesting catching unscrupulous players in the act should make it easier to remove them from the game.

Additionally, the update introduces two new types of loot crates, which will contain Desperado and Biker cosmetic items. One crate will be free to open, while the other requires keys. The biggest addition is that players can now report suspected cheaters directly from the in-game replay feature. There's also the new Early Birds keys, which will open the new locked crates and the old Gamescom Invitational crates.

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Consisting of a few quality of life changes and efforts to correct the aforementioned memory crashes that were putting an abrupt end to players' king of the hill matches, the update that's now available for the Xbox one includes the following changes.

"We encourage you to use the replay report tool as it is an effective and efficient way of making us aware of the players who are undermining your enjoyment of the game", said PUBG Corp. Whether you have a PC or not, the move to console allows even more players to join the PUBG fan club and truly enjoy the nuances of a Battle Royale style game. Update 1.0 also works on game performance by offering more stability through various bug fixes and tweaks in performance. You can check out the announcement on Steam for the full patch notes, as well as the possible contents of the new crates.