Attempt to kill spider starts house fire in Northern California


Sure enough, as the Record Searchlight reports, the seemingly fool proof plan went awry when when the spider, now aflame, ran about the gaff setting the mattress on fire.

The fire wasn't enough to completely destroy the apartment, but the extent of the damage has forced the residents to move out.

Redding fire officials say the man was trying to kill a wolf spider with a blowtorch.

She said that the man attempted to kill the spider with a torch lighter, a more powerful and pressurized version of a standard lighter. Firefighters extinguished the flames in the bedroom in 20 minutes - before it engulfed the entire building. Although they managed to extinguish the fire on the mattress, it had already spread to a flag collection and drapes in the bedroom, reported the news website.

The residents unsuccessfully tried to quench the blaze using a garden hose but, before long, a fire was raging in the room.

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No one was injured, however, the fire did cause about $11,000 in damage.

A torch lighter is similar to a regular cigarette lighter but is larger and the flame is under more pressure, Pitt said. The unit they were living in is uninhabitable, Pitt said.

When firefighters arrived they could see smoke coming out of the first and second story windows.

Sunday's incident just sped up the process, she said.