HTC announces Vive Pro headset, wireless Vive adaptor


"There's a clear need in the VR market for a premium VR experience with high resolution display, integrated audio and the best components available today in a headset", said VIVE GM Daniel O'Brien.

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There is no price yet for the Vive Pro or the Wireless Adapter, but hopefully, HTC will keep these reasonable so existing users can upgrade without having to splash out too much. The teaser touting a new and improved Vive model was issued through Twitter as a largely black and white image with the business end of the company's headset facing the viewers.

The new model, which sits above the current Vive already available on the market, will feature a greatly improved resolution and high-res audio support. This device takes what the HTC Vive is and ramps every aspect up another notch.

Jordan Sirani is a freelance writer for IGN.

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During a CES 2018 press conference, HTC confirmed details from a leak earlier on Monday, which indicated that the Vive Pro's screen will include a combined resolution of 2880x1600 pixels.

In good news for resolution-hungry owners of the original, HTC confirmed that the Vive Pro will be available in a headset-only SKU, and that it will remain compatible with existing HTC Vive tracking boxes and wands.

That's particularly the case for high-end VR systems like the Vive or rival Oculus Rift, a headset from Facebook's Oculus unit.

It also has a slightly new design, compared with the original Vive. Thanks to that bump, HTC says "text, graphics, and [the] overall experience all come into sharper view". A small antenna that can attach to the new Vive Pro or the original Vive, the Wireless Adapter uses Intel's WiGig (for Wireless Gigabit) connection to establish a connection as fast as 8 Gigabits using a 60GHz band. This means you'll be able to get a real taste of games and experiences, complete with all the room-scale and interactions, before you buy, rather than judging them by watching a 2D video.

Past hardware, HTC introduced an update to its Viveport VR and Vive Video platform where users can discover, experience, and buy VR content.