Woman tattoos voicemail of late grandmother to hear her voice again


"I had dreamed about it for a while so when I actually did it, it was unreal to hear her voice", she told Newsbeat.

When her grandmother passed away, Sakyrah "decided to save the voicemail in as many places as I could" and later made a decision to invest in a soundwave tattoo.

Sakyrah said she made a decision to get the tattoo after keeping hold of the voicemail for almost three years, following her grandmother's death.

Sharing incredible footage of her unique tattoo in action on Instagram she explained: "As some of you may know, my grandma meant the world to me".

The message is a birthday wish from her grandmother, who died a month after leaving it in 2015.

Sakyrah's collar bone
Woman tattoos voicemail of late grandmother to hear her voice again

"She called me a little past midnight to wish me happy birthday and to tell me that she loved me". Not only did she get the waveform tattooed on her skin, she can play the audio out loud via her smartphone anytime she needs to hear those comforting words from her loved one.

"By far the most attractive thing I've seen all year", chimed in a third.

Sakyrah googled waveform tattoos and found a company which hires tattoo artists from across the United States who can ink them on to people's skin.

Her post, which also included pictures of her posing with her grandma, has received an overwhelmingly positive response from social media users were who were not only impressed but touched.

"I've had so many people tell me they're now thinking about keeping voicemails for the memories".

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