Time for a Switch? Nintendo dominated Amazon's best-selling games list for 2017


From releasing games on iOS and Android to the release of the Nintendo Switch console, the Big N is once again playing with power.

Three hackers, Plutoo, Derrek, and Naehrwert, have managed to bypass an Nvidia backdoor and exploit the Nintendo Switch's 3.0.0 firmware using Pokken Tournament DX in order to get into the inner brain matter of the Switch's design. Until March 2018, the firm plans to sell 14 million units. While the new hardware started Nintendo's 2017 rise, it was blockbuster releases from its two venerable and massively successful franchises that carried the momentum. As always, the United Kingdom is one of the first countries to divulge the year's sales data, and it paints an interesting picture for the Switch in the region. Nintendo Switch is both a Nintendo handheld and console that can be docked and this allows for the company to pool their development resources, The result is a game like Super Mario Odyssey being able to release in the launch year of the Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft's strategy game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and the unique fighting game Arms were high on the list, and Nintendo fans haven't abandoned their 3DS systems just yet, either - Metroid: Samus Returns had stronger sales on Amazon than Assassin's Creed Origins and was just behind the surprise hit Nier: Automata. This time, however, Nintendo has the advantage of a solid base of gamers that will be looking for new content.

Amazon placeholders hint at an upcoming Nintendo Direct that may see more than 16 games unveiled.

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Third-party support, which became an afterthought for the Wii U, is making a slow but deliberate comeback with the Switch. Some triple-A publishers have also made forays onto the Switch, most notably Bethesda Softworks with its ports of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Doom.

"I think there are lots of models that seem to be working", Trepanier said.