Review scores don't sell games on Steam


You can check out the top new releases of 2017, broken down month-by-month, and the top 100 sellers of 2017 are broken down into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sections. On their own, these lists paint a telling picture of the gaming landscape in 2017, with the rise of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and the continued popularity of Grand Theft Auto V contextualising the actions of studios like EA in their shift from single-player, story-based games to multiplayer-focused games-as-a-service. Taking all the games from Steam's 2017 Best-Sellers list that qualify for MetaCritic scores, we set out to determine whether there was any significant link between review scores and sales performance on Steam. Meanwhile the top played games of 2017 compares interestingly to those that rake in the most revenue.

PUBG has infamously suffered from technical issues since the game's debut, but it must be said that the most recent patch has fixed or addressed a considerable number of the issues that have plagued the popular title. Games like PUBG, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six Siege were among some of the Platinum titles past year. It's also not clear how much revenue a game must earn to make this monthly list. Sales and user stats are taken from their popular digital distribution platform Steam to list the biggest and most popular PC games of the year. The game will stay exclusive to Xbox One "for some time", Kim told InvenGlobal, though it sounds like you can expect it on PlayStation 4 and other systems later.

MetaCritic score isn't the only metric that varies greatly between Steam's best-sellers.

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2017 was a wonderful year for video games, no doubt about that, so now's the time to reflect on Steam's best sellers. Because of this, it can be jarring when you check out the Most Played category and see Ark: Survival Evolvedor H1Z1 above PUBG when it had a whopping concurrent player count of 3 million just days ago.

The game's creators want to go even further than smashing Steams records.