Ringing In the 'Noon' Year


A crowd, consisting mainly of children and families, gathered in Heritage Hall at the Tony's Pizza Events Center to celebrate the fun, free, "Noon Year's Eve" event. At noon, there will be a balloon drop. After the storytime, kids had the chance to spend the next hour making noisemakers, coloring 2018 pictures, coloring and creating party hats, making New Year's Eve balls, making sand-art necklaces, and icing edible party horns.

The Tony's Pizza Events Center, Salina Parks & Rec, and Rocking M Media hosted the 4th annual "Noon Year's Eve" event. On top of the balloon drop, there were activities for kids in which they could construct New Year's bracelets, rattlers and paper-plate clocks.

As the kids and families moved around, some stopped to dance to the music or play an impromptu game of tag.

Face it, when it comes to children, they all want to stay up to ring in the New Year.

"She understands what New Year's is for the first time this year", said her mother, Jessica Watterson, who was chasing her.

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"So, this is something we started a few years ago and it's gotten very popular", said zoo even manager Julie Briggs.

McGuinness, of Sykesville, stood with Noah as he iced his ice cream cone and added Skittles.

"This is a great opportunity for us to come in as a family during the day", said Kimberly Rode, who came with her husband and kids Kieran and Brandon.

"We can't stay awake for real New Year's so we have to come to fake New Year's", Cleland said.