Prosecutor says body cam footage exists in teen beating case


Wilkerson's mother's Facebook post has been shared almost 100,000 times at the time of writing. The family is adamant about the community staying engaged to help seek justice for their 17-year-old son.

"You see that guys face and obviously your first thought is "oh he deserved it he was running" or your first thought is "oh that cop deserves to be fired he deserves to be convicted" the truth is is we really don't know because we don't know what happened", said Chet Sowell. However, a new survey of 75 police departments across the United States, found that the policies governing them have failed to foster transparency, protect privacy, or defend civil rights. The officers claimed their physical overpowering was justifiable because they claim Wilkerson allegedly attempted to retrieve what they believed to be a weapon on his person.

WSFA reports that the gun that was found is now in the possession of the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and is being processed as evidence.

One witness said she saw officers surrounding Wilkerson, who appeared to be unconscious.

During his WKRG interview, Sadot Wilkerson, has called for the body and dash camera footage of the arrest to be made public. Representatives for the family say Ulysses Wilkerson was startled by police on the night of December 23 and he ran away.

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Wilkerson's father also said that while police had handcuffed his son, the charges against him were dropped. Troy police tell WHDN-TV that Wilkerson has been charged with resisting arrest and obstruction, both misdemeanors. "City of Troy Police Chief Randall Barr requested the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) conduct an independent investigation into the use of force by his officers".

The 17-year-old was taken to Troy Regional Medical Center for treatment then to UAB for further treatment. Thereafter, the Juvenile was later transported to University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham, and subsequently released.

SBI said they will not release any additional information at this time.

The completed investigation will be turned over to Pike County District Attorney.