American Girl, NASA Come Together To Create An Aspiring Astronaut Doll


Through a Space Act Agreement, NASA partnered with American Girl to share the excitement of space with the public, and in particular, inspire young girls to learn about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Are you thrilled that American Girl chose an aspiring astronaut and STEM role model as their 2018 Girl of the Year?

Like other American Girl dolls, Luciana's story is chronicled in a series of books, the first two of which are available now.

To develop Luciana's story and product line, American Girl worked with three women in the STEM field: a NASA Astronaut, a former NASA chief scientist and the CEO of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. NASA has provided images and content for a new American Girl app and educational website, that will offer children space simulations and educational quizzes.

There's no word yet on how much Luciana will set parents back, but the pricey dolls usually go for between $60 and $115 - and that doesn't include accessories. In a press release, the agency explains their involvement.

Shoppers can choose fun add-ons from a line of accessories for the doll, including "space-inspired products like a Mars habitat and flight suit", according to the statement.

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Nasa astronaut Megan McArthur said that to stimulate our next generation it is necessary to find out new ways to grab their interest in space exploration.

PHOTO:American Girl's 2018 girl of the year doll, who was revealed on "GMA" today, is Luciana Vega, an aspiring astronaut who hopes to be the first person to go to mars.

'I've been in space and fixed the Hubble space telescope, so I have some perspective on how we use robotics, how we train for robotics'. Last year, Gabriela McBride, the first African-American Girl of the Year, also debuted on "Good Morning America".

Dickson further stated that Luciana is a role model for girls who aspire to break the stereotypes and take the risk to live life as it comes. Luciana Vega, an 18-inch-high doll was launched at the event attended by a group of girls adorned in Space Camp Uniforms, notes GeekWire.

American Girl's 2018 "Girl of the Year" really reaches for the stars.

Those stories detail more about the 'natural born leader, ' and follow her as she wins a scholarship to space camp in Alabama.