Wind chills could fall to 22 below zero in Southeast Michigan today


SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. High: Mid-upper 10s. Sunshine continues Tuesday but so does the frigid cold Morning lows are in the single digits and highs are in the lower 20s.

"Windchill is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by wind and cold", the National Weather Service explained. Frostbite is most common on ears, cheeks, chin, nose, fingers and toes and can happen in 30 minutes.

Forecasts by AccuWeather and The Weather Channel indicate local temperatures might not be above freezing again until January 6.

Temperatures through the day will be rising from the single digits this morning to the teens this afternoon.

These dangerously cold wind chills come on top of the bitter temperatures that have frozen MI since Christmas Day. Wind chills will be around -5!

A very strong cold front is expected to move through East Texas on Saturday.

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Bitter cold is on the way this week with the onset of a significant cold air outbreak that will likely last into 2018.

Wednesday night and Thursday, wind chill values could be as low as -13 degrees. "In fact, temperatures will probably not even rise above the single numbers across much of interior MA on Thursday, when we may set new record low max temperature".

MONDAY: Sunny. Cold. High: Mid 10s.

Tuesday will start out cold with lows ranging from -5 to +10. Yet another disturbance will cut through the Midwest Friday night into Saturday as a low is exiting the Southeast Coast of the United States.

Temperatures will fall again for the New Year's holiday weekend.

Daytime temperatures in New England are not expected to rise out of the 20s all week, forecasters say.