Police Arrest Barber Accused of Snipping Ear, Shaving Bald Patch


The unidentified man asked his barber, Khaled A. Shabani, to shave the sides of his head and take an inch off the top.

The barber also allegedly snipped man's ear with scissors before shaving a bald strip down the middle of his head, the man said.

The customer went elsewhere to have the rest of his head shaved before the holidays.

The 22-year-old customer, who wasn't named in the Madison Police Department press release, had gone to the salon to get his hair cut.

The victim said the barber began twisting his ear to get him to stop fidgeting and then snipped his ear with scissors.

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The customer promptly left the salon after the incident and had another stylist shave his head completely before he went home for Christmas.

Shabani was issued a ticket on Wednesday for disorderly conduct, a county ordinance violation that is not a criminal charge.

DeSpain says Shabani told officers it was an accident.

A State Street hair stylist allegedly snipped a customer's ear on objective during a botched haircut before the holidays.