Iliza Shlesinger sued for turning away men at women-only comedy show


Jezebel is reporting that on December 22, a man by the name of George St. George filed a lawsuit claiming Iliza's no-men-allowed show was in violation of California's anti-discrimination law.

Shlesinger, a victor of the show "Last Comic Standing", was fairly clear about her target audience in her Instagram announcement for the show. "Upon arriving at the Largo, the pair were given tickets but allegedly told they would have to sit in the back".

Iliza Shlesinger, a stand-up comic and victor of Last Comic Standing, found herself at the center of a gender discrimination lawsuit over her girls-only show, Girls Night In With Iliza - No Boys Allowed.

"Girls' Night In is a hybrid stand up show and interactive discussion between Iliza and the women in the audience aimed at giving women a place to vent in a supportive, fun and inclusive environment", the event's description reads.

Moments later, they were told that Shlesinger and management decided they would not be able to attend the show and would be refunded their money for the tickets.

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He says the night "can best be described as akin to the Montgomery City Lines bus company in Montgomery, Alabama circa 1955". Women are in fact, the oppressed, and also the heckled, harangued, harassed, and intimidated here, and if they want a few damn minutes without having to worry about what men will say or think, it's not a lot to ask!

"Simply put, it is against many California laws for a business to discriminate against patrons based on their sex or other personal characteristics, such as race or sexual orientation which should surprise no one", Rava said.

"As a result of all of my lawsuits, the defendants began to treat female and male consumers equally", he wrote in an email to CNN, adding that, "I do not trust you will quote me correctly or in the proper context given your leftwing, pro-female, anti-male bias". According to the 14-page complaint from attorney Alfred G. Rava, St. George purchased a $30 ticket for the November 13 performance, while his guest purchased one for $25.

Shlesinger has not publicly responded to the lawsuit (she's busy entertaining the troops at the tail end of a USO tour at the moment) and indeed may not legally be allowed to comment at all.

St. George has been the plaintiff in several such suits challenging "ladies nights" at bars and other public establishments.