Facebook tests Aadhaar-based details for new users


Facebook is now getting India ready with some new features and to test them, the company has asked its users to enter their names as per their Aadhaar Card.

While the news of Facebook asking for name as on Aadhaar has kicked up controversy in India, it is not a new feature. You can still use any random name and create a new account.

Now the new feature doing rounds we are not sure if Facebook plans to make the Aadhaar mandatory for its users. It is to be mentioned here that this prompt is now used for a small percentage of users and can only be seen while signing-up via the mobile site by selected users.

Facebook isn't the first online company to ask consumers for Aadhaar. "Using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognise you", it reads. Facebook, of course, wants you to use your real name, and this is just one way to encourage said use.

It is no secret that there are innumerable fake account users on Facebook - and the number is growing nearly every passing day. This policy of the Facebook created uproar in the country.

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An Amazon spokesperson clarified to Inc42 that only in case of lost packages or missing delivery, where a detailed check needs to be done, does the Amazon agent ask the customer to furnish an identity proof. Indian Government has taken steps this year to make Aadhar a mandatory Identification measure for Indian citizens.

Experts highlighted privacy risks of sharing Aadhaar information. The security of the Aadhaar system has been brought into question several times. Following the same, it looks like the Aadhaar verification has made its way to the social media as well. There have been concerns about the safety of Aadhaar data after private details of users were leaked from government websites and even from private organisations including banks, telecom operators and financial institutions.

In the light of these incidents, any and everything related to Aadhaar becomes a hot topic of discussion.

Having said that, we need to wait for an official confirmation from Facebook regarding the Aadhaar card linking with the social media accounts.