Erica Garner Reportedly Pronounced Brain Dead After Suffering Heart Attack


"Devastating! Praying for Erica Garner + sending love + light to her family + friends", wrote Com in a Twitter post that included a link to the NY Daily News story.

Family members have already been notified and are making their way to Woodhull Hospital on Thursday to say final goodbyes to Erica Garner, who became an outspoken critic of police brutality after her father's brutal death in NY in 2014.

Garner's mother revealed the extent of her condition Thursday.

A worker running Garner's Twitter account stated Wednesday night that a "cat scan shows Erica suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest". New York ABC station WABC confirmed Garner suffered a heart attack over the holiday weekend.

Upon hearing the sad news, rappers Common and MC Lyte offered their prayers to Erica Garner's family.

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But a grand jury in NY declined to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who used the chokehold while attempting to arrest Garner for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes outside a Staten Island store. She soon became a prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Eric Garner was killed by a New York City police officer accused of using an unjustified and unlawful chokehold.

She has been in a coma since then, it said.

Erica Garner, the daughter of slain Staten Island man Eric Garner, was reported to be brain dead by several outlets Thursday (Dec. 28). "Physically she is still with us".

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, became an outspoken critic of police brutality after her father's death in 2014.