Donald Trump Tweet-tacks Vanity Fair For "Regret" Over Hillary Clinton Ding


Instead, it suggests that she should take more photos in the woods, because "how else are you going to meet unsuspecting hikers?" and take up a new hobby in the New Year - like "volunteer work, knitting, or improv comedy...".

Many journalists, however, defended the publication and the editor who made the knitting comments, saying the backlash was being blown out of proportion.

Trump went on to add that Anna Wintour was "a big fundraiser" for Clinton and had been "all set" to be ambassador to the Court of St. James's (the formal title used in the United Kingdom for the American ambassador).

Wintour, the editor of Vogue, a sister publication of Vanity Fair at Conde Nast, additionally plays a role as artistic director for the publishing brand.

However, Twitter commenters accused Vanity Fair of using veiled sexism to criticize the first woman ever to secure a presidential nomination from a major US political party, according to The Washington Post.

This wasn't the first time Trump has gone after Vanity Fair; he's sent dozens of tweets about former editor Graydon Carter, who led the magazine for a quarter century, over the years.

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The Clinton video is just one of a series in which staffers offer snarky tips and resolutions to well-known politicos.

Mr Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have also been targets of the apparent attempt at light-hearted Christmas content. A-list celebrities like Patricia Arquette even weighed, suggesting the publication stop telling women what they should or can do. "Get over your mommy issues".

Some irate observers expressed their anger at the video in replies to Vanity Fair on Twitter, arguing that the magazine had "destroyed all credibility" in one tweet and suggesting that people should cancel their subscriptions or write letters to the editor. "I want to believe they gave each of those individuals an opt-out opportunity but they genuinely looked happy to do it".

So, all in all, 2017 will end as it began.

"I don't appreciate being taken out of context to make me seem super sexist".

This wasn't a Hillary hit piece either, for what it's worth! "We made silly new years resolutions for a bunch of politicians".