Canadian Blood Services says 1200 donations needed over holidays


The refugees' offering of their time and blood donations comes at an important time as Canada faces an urgent nationwide need for donors, especially over the Christmas and New Year period due to travel, family activities and changes in routines.

Canadian Blood Services is urging people to donate blood over the holidays, as blood reserves dip dangerously low in B.C.

The critical status of blood donations is especially worrisome for patients like 16-year-old Lilly Hall, who was diagnosed with two brain tumours and a spine tumour at 13, and has relied on blood donations to keep her alive. "It has really snowballed, everyone wants to give".

With the holidays underway, the United Blood Services is working diligently to ensure blood supply remains strong approaching the New Year. "Generally, we've been doing very well in Brandon since we moved to bi-weekly clinics".

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People interested in giving blood should check the Canadian Blood Services website to determine if they are eligible, and can also book an appointment online.

Canadian Blood Services has seen a notable increase in donations since December 18, when it issued an urgent call for eligible donors to fill 35,000 open appointments across Canada by January 6.

After more than a decade of teaming up for the "Dunkin' Donors Make a Difference" campaign and closing in on 1 million blood and platelet donations, the partnership remains vital to keeping local blood donation levels steady after the holiday season.

All blood types are encouraged to donate, but the supply of O-negative blood is in demand because it can be used by any recipient regardless their blood type. As the universal blood type, patients in an emergency situation can all receive O-negative blood.