FCC approves first wireless 'power-at-a-distance' charging system


As wireless charging has become the newest and most popular choice for charging devices, Energous wants to introduce a brand new non-contact charging. According to the company, its technology is not brand specific, meaning it can charge devices from all brands, be it Apple, Sony, etc., provided they are fitted with the right receiver.

Wireless charging is old hat. You wouldn't need to "plug" anything into the device, but because you still need to hold it in a fixed location, the degree of additional convenience it offers isn't that significant.

Energous says that with their technology, you could control charging through an app, see the connection strength of each device, set a preference over which devices are charged first, stop charging when your devices reach 100%, set charging times, and even have something charge automatically when it's nearby.

Energous states that FCC certification involved "rigorous, multi-month testing to verify it met consumer safety and regulatory requirements". Sure, it hasn't required us to plug-in our phone to charge, but it has required contact between two devices (one of which is plugged in) in order to push current.

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WattUp is a wireless charging technology that can charge devices up to a distance of 15 feet. The WattUp power receiver is just 3mm square, Energous says, so can be fitted to nearly any device. That charge will continue until the device is out of range of the transmitter or the better has been filled. The ecosystem is also manufacturer-agnostic; which means that the transmitter will charge any compatible device.

The aptly named "WattUp" wireless charging at-a-distance technology has received the FCC's approval for its transmitter which is used to send focused Radio Frequency-based (RF) power to devices as far as 3 feet away.

Unfortunately, a distance of three feet probably means the phone still needs to sit in a fixed spot, so you shouldn't get the impression that you can charge your phone in your pocket while strolling around the office. WattUp will be on display at CES 2018.