'Thanks for your patience' - Buhari breaks silence on fuel scarcity


Buhari, said to have been born on December 17, 1942, recently celebrated his 75th birthday.

The President also recalled about his health challenges for which he was away from the country for many months in the year 2017.

Interacting with his visitors Buhari said, "I am very grateful (to you ) for taking time out on a very important day to come out and spend it with us".

According to President Buhari, his real age had been mistakenly understated, saying "It has been a tumultuous year". I thought I was 74 but I was told I was 75.

"As far as I am concerned, he does not see it as something negative; he sees it as enrichment of democracy and I want to assure you as someone that knows the president well, Mr. President will not accept any endorsement that does not go through the due process of procedures; I can assure you on this".

Former Governor of Lagos State and the Current Minister of Power, Works and Housing Mr Babatunde Raji Fasola described him as: "He gave me some priority projects: Mokwa/Jebba road, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, and Second Niger Bridge..."

"The doctors told me to feed my stomach and sleep for longer hours that is why I am looking much better".

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"So, I try to be very close to my neighbour individually and nationally". But if you start fighting your neighbours, then, I am afraid the resources you have you will lose it in trying to be very clever.

"It is unfortunate that the enemies within have had a field day in the last few days perpetrating this economic terrorism and do not care about what happens to the image and personality of President Buhari who have been trusted by Nigerians with the mandate to redeem them from sufferings and pains inflicted on us by past leaders of this country". The only understanding after series of meetings and consultations is for fuel to immediately return to the filling stations and let us end this suffering and pains caused by the ineptitude of one man who is abusing his rights and privileges.

"But those listening to the press and the majority of us know that the rainy season was very good and some states have got very good information from home".

He expressed delight at the level of rainfall this year and the fact that many people had gone back to farming and had not regretted doing so.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that highlight of the event was the presentation of Christmas cards to the president by the FCT minister and the Chaplain of the Aso Rock Chapel.

"All these have changed by virtue of the way and manner the Buhari administration has strengthened the fight against corruption", he added.