Christmas chaos: busiest shopping day of the year hits Maritimes


The blame fell squarely on Ms. Johnson's honey for sending her out at the very last minute.

Many stores have extended their hours this weekend, in mind that many shoppers will be heading out in the final hours before the big day.

An employee at the mall said it has been packed this week and didnt have time to get her own shopping done until now. Shoppers have compared today to Black Friday, they say the crowds are a lot less pushy and store shelves are bare.

Waiting until the last minute isn't something she really wanted to do. "I hadn't reached that mark yet, but I'm done", Rita Brent said, with a smile.

"I've been working doubles all week for Christmas so I can get the gifts that I've been wanting to give my family", O'Tru Smith said. "There was a little bit of a lull, now it's picking back up strong", he said in the afternoon.

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We asked people why they did or did not decide to make last minute purchases. "So I don't know what to really buy him, so I'm buying for myself".

As for the true last-minute shopper, that's a rare bird.

Although for many procrastination is a bad thing, it could be a good thing for those of you planning on shopping.

"This is the last minute fun stuff", Vinnie said, echoing the thoughts of many that the chaos is just part of the holiday spirit.

Every checkout lane was open Saturday afternoon as shoppers at Meijer in Lima waited in line on the busiest shopping day of the year.