Amtrak should go back where it came from


- Video from the cab of the Amtrak train that hurtled off the tracks in Washington state, killing three people and injuring dozens, shows that the engineer did not appear to be using a cellphone or any other personal electronic device just before the derailment, federal investigators said Friday.

The NTSB said the engineer's actions were "consistent with the application of the locomotive's brakes just before the recording ended".

The review looked at the event data recorder and the inward- and outward-facing cameras on the Amtrak Cascades passenger train 501 after it derailed.

The video and audio captured from a camera facing inside the cab also revealed that the engineer was heard commenting about the train's speed just before the train crashed while traveling more than double the posted 30 miles per hour (48 kph) speed limit.

It's unclear why the train was traveling at a high speed in a 30-mph zone.

A video from Monday's fatal accident showed the locomotive tilting and the crew bracing for impact as it headed at 80 miles per hour into a 30 miles per hour curve in track near DuPont, Wash., according to investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

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"There's more that's not being said than that's being said, to me, as someone who's been involved in investigating accidents before".

The NTSB's full investigation of the crash is expected to take up to two years. At least six people were killed when several train cars plunged from the bridge.

The railroad company has committed to covering the entire cost of the derailment, from the medical expenses for the injured, to the costs associated with restoring passenger rail service to road fix. The NTSB ruled the derailment was caused by a distracted train engineer.

The train was not equipped with positive train control, which can prevent derailments caused by excessive speed, officials have said.

The rail line where the derailment occurred Monday did not have PTC installed, but rather a system called Centralized Traffic Control - or CTC. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., is seeking a congressional inquiry into Amtrak's safety practices after Monday's passenger-train crash near DuPont, Pierce County.