United States welcomes Hernandez as Honduras Prez


-Honduran cooperation on matters such as drug-trafficking, violence and immigration requires "a credible, legitimate government that has the support of its people", in Honduras, McGovern said. Salvador Nasralla finished second, receiving 41.42% of the vote.

On the night of the 26 November election, Nasralla was five points ahead Hernandez with almost 60% of the vote counted - until election authorities stopped releasing results.

The first results reported by the electoral court after the November 26 election showed Nasralla with a significant lead over Hernandez with almost 60 percent of the vote counted.

The Honduran electoral commission, which is controlled by Hernández allies, named him the country's next leader on Sunday.

Opposition supporters hold a Honduran flag as others lie on the floor in front of security forces during a protest over a contested presidential election with allegations of electoral fraud in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, December 22, 2017.

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His opponent, the television host Nasralla, traveled to Washington this week to urge the United States not to recognize the vote, but a senior State Department official said on Wednesday the government had not seen any evidence that would alter the vote's outcome. Over the medium and long-term they are going to withdraw from confidence in democracy and withdraw from confidence in a U.S. commitment to democracy.

"They are very afraid of left-wing governments", Nasralla said. We reiterate the call for all Hondurans to refrain from violence. "But how can you have stability without democracy?" he said. They also asked Tillerson to denounce what they consider "excessive use of force" by Honduran security forces handling the street protests that have taken place since.

Thousands of protestors gathered outside the USA embassy in Tegucigalpa Thursday night, carrying crosses bearing the names of those killed in the post-election violence.

"We call upon the TSE to transparently and fully review any challenges filed by political parties", it added, acknowledging "irregularities" identified by both Organization of American States and European Union observers.

"Thus far, the State Department's response to events in Honduras has been inadequate", reads a letter sent to Tillerson by the 20 members of Congress and shared with reporters by Rep. Norma Torres, a Democrat from California. She also called on security forces to respect the rights of peaceful protesters.