Bitcoin hunch sees trades suspended on sure exchanges


But turning that dream into reality appeared to become much more likely after two of the world's largest options exchanges - Cboe and CME - launched bitcoin futures contracts within the past month.

The records show the proposed rule changes were filed with the SEC between December 15 and December 19.

Like other ETFs, investors in the ProShares Bitcoin ETF would reap benefits when the value of futures contracts climbs.

Cboe futures were down 3.6 percent Wednesday. NYSE has made this clear that the funds will not track the actual Bitcoin prices nor will it hold Bitcoins in any case. Currently, the coin's price has readjusted to $14,860 since falling, so already it looks to be in a recovery phase - and this is what many analysts are focusing on and using to keep the calm among the crypto investors.

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The exchange-traded funds would allow traders to bet on how the volatile cryptocurrency futures contracts will perform. According to, an online platform tracking the performance of cryptocurrencies, the total market capitalization of bitcoin reached Dollars 320 billion in the third week of December 2017.

Bitcoin, along with numerous other cryptocurrencies, has witnessed a dramatic price drop Friday, with Bitcoin losing nearly 50% at its lowest compared to the $20,000 high it had achieved at the beginning of the week. Moreover, the arrival of ETFs can also push the cryptocurrency to surge to new record highs.

"It's very hard for us, as currency analysts, to follow this", said Thin, who is Brown Brothers' global head of emerging markets strategy. "Beyond that, we don't have any calls on where it will go from here".