Signup surge may cause issues in final days of open enrollment


Open enrollment for coverage through the state of health marketplace runs through January 31.

Officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rejected the request about a month later, sticking to the decision to cut this year's open-enrollment period in half - from 90 days to 45 - and end it on December 15. That means Florida has the most enrollees out of any state that offers the federal exchange.

Though the Trump administration cut the open enrollment period in half this year - from 90 days to 45 days - NY has extended the enrollment period for its own marketplace to January 31 for 2018 coverage.

On the call, Obama accused "Republicans in Washington" of trying to "sabotage" progress made reducing the number of uninsured. It also surfaced in other states besides IL, she said.

So far, 84,868 South Carolinians signed up for coverage in 2018.

It's estimated that 9 to 10 million people now have coverage through the ACA's marketplaces. "We can anticipate a drop in revenue for physicians and hospitals, which could be significant for those who are billing a lot of patients covered under ACA plans". Although list price premiums for the most popular plans went up sharply, so did taxpayer-provided subsidies that limit how much individuals actually have to pay.

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In addition to shortening the sign up period, the Trump administration cut the federal budget for advertising for the program.

Premiums did in fact fall for those who bought plans with subsidies after insurers responded to President Donald Trump's decisions to eliminate subsidies called cost-sharing reductions. Officials also didn't say whether they will continue the practice of offering a grace period for consumers who started an application before the deadline but couldn't finish it, the article noted. Previous extensions allowed hundreds of thousands of consumers to enroll.

"We're definitely on track in terms of comparable numbers from year".

"It really would not be fair to people, particularly if there are technology challenges with the last minute surge as there have been every year", Slavitt said.

Nevada is one of 39 states which uses to sell insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act.

The deadline for enrollment will remain the same this year - midnight Pacific time.