So, the internet is now losing it over Gigi Hadid's armpit hair


The model put her own spin on the calendar's workout theme by declaring it "freeform day" at the beginning of her video.

For her latest gig, Hadid has appeared in LOVE magazine's annual festive series of videos and photoshoots, where she is seen posing and practicing her volleyball moves. However curiously, the makeup artist on this video, Hung Vanngo, responded to fans on his Instagram account saying that indeed, the hair is, "from the sweat & the dust of that building". Apparently, the shoot had Gigi looking oily and sweaty, and the fabric of the jacket rubbed off and stuck to her armpits-giving her the unshaved look. All month long, the magazine's been counting down the days until Christmas with a supermodel video for each day.

In her video, which debuted on Monday, December 11, as is previewed in the Instagram clip above, the model can be seen in a red sports bra with matching shorts and sultry wine-hued eyeshadow.

A closer look at pictures from the shoot, and one is confused about it all.

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Many others showed support by noting, "We literally all have hair in our armpits", and, "All humans grow hair everywhere". Gigi walked a fashion show the same day. It's basically your body just trying to live its best life (even though society might tell you take a razor to that hair since it doesn't seemingly fit into today's ~beauty standards~).

Gigi Hadid just did something most fashionistas wouldn't dare.

'The fashion circle is a family, so the Love Advent kind of feels like a Holiday Year Book in a way.