Two killed in San Diego plane crash


At least two people were killed Saturday after a small plane crashed into a home near San Diego.

Shortly after taking off from Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport about 4:30 p.m., the plane's pilot reported an engine failure, CBS reported.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported that there were four people on the single-engine plane and the pilot and passenger were transported to a hospital with burn injuries. He said, all of a sudden, he saw a big fire coming toward his own house so he ran towards the flames and tried breaking the window but he was unable to hear any screaming sound.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune reported one person died in the crash, but it was unknown if the person was in the home or in the plane. Their two dogs perished inside the house, neighbors and authorities said.

Witnesses told KFMB, another local channel, that the plane seemed to have had some engine problems before nose-diving. The crash started a fire, which caused further damage to the building.

He went back and turned his house on his roof to guard against embers setting it on fire, he said. Federal Aviation Administration Public Information Officer Allen Kenitzer said the FAA and the NTSB will investigate the crash.