Trump Calls "Fake News Media" a "Stain on America"


Weigel, from his personal Twitter account, had posted an image that questioned the crowd size of the event the president held on Friday.

Weigel responded quickly with an apology, the claim that he had already deleted tweet, and the excuse that he "was confused by the image of you walking in the bottom right corner" - which only proves that Weigel knew the photo was not taken during the rally.

In a tweet Sunday, Trump blasts the lack of attention over what he describes as "false and defamatory stories" by the "Fake News Media".

Trump posted a screengrab of Weigel's Tweet on Saturday, along with photos of him standing in front of a packed arena.

"Trump tweeted back at Weigel, ".@daveweigel @washingtonpost put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived @ the venue, w/ thousands of people outside, on their way in.

"I misspoke when talking about the controversy surrounding Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel".

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Limbaugh had called for then-President Barack Obama to fail, and when the radio host was hospitalized with chest pains, Weigel reportedly wrote, "I hope he fails".

The emails to the "Journolist" listserv, posted by The Daily Caller and Fishbowl DC, included remarks by Weigel that Matt Drudge, creator of the Drudge Report, should 'handle his emotional problems more responsibly and set himself on fire'. I apologize. I deleted the photo after @dmartosko told me I'd gotten it wrong. "Very fair to call me out".

"He followed by tweeting: ".@daveweigel of the Washington Post just admitted that his picture was a FAKE (fraud?) showing an nearly empty arena last night for my speech in Pensacola when, in fact, he knew the arena was packed (as shown also on T.V.).

The topic of "fake news", a favorite of the president's coined for that which paints him unfavorably or that he disagrees with, has been covered at length all week. "Packed to the rafters", Weigel wrote sarcastically. Last week, ABC reporter Brian Ross was suspended for four weeks after falsely reporting that Trump had directed Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump also launched broadsides at CNN and ABC, both of whom recently issued corrections to high-profile Trump stories.

Trump also took aim at CNN after the network was forced to make a correction on Friday regarding documents Donald Trump Jr. received from WikiLeaks.