The White House responds after President Trump's slurred speech raises questions


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders began Thursday's briefing by reading a story about Christmas to the White House press corps.

"Let's watch it again", Noah said, before re-showing the "United Shtaytsh" moment.

Appearing to struggle to get through the final part of his speech on Jerusalem, Trump had trouble getting out a number of words and lisped his way through as he expressed hopes for peace and state: "God bless the United Shtesh".

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The slippage appeared to indicate a sliding lower plate, which led to speculation as to whether the president has gone on record as wearing dentures instead of opting for more permanent - and convenient - dental implants. "What's going on there, man?" he added. But he doesn't drink, and his change in pronunciation from the beginning of his speech, which was only a few minutes long, seemed more akin to someone with an orthodontic device, like dentures, than any serious condition. Hillary Clinton won almost 3 million more votes than Trump, so by the White House Press Secretary's standards, the American people actually do want to hold Trump accountable. "Don't do it, don't do it - I'm just saying can you imagine how people would feel?"

Perhaps Pres. Trump has taken to wearing dentures because his original teeth are broken or missing, although this still leaves unanswered the question of why Trump wouldn't simply opt for implants.

"The hashtag "#DentureDonald" started to trend on Twitter on Wednesday night after "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah played a clip showing the president slurring his words and mocked him. He said there's no shame in having dentures, but, "there is shame in Donald Trump having dentures". After all, the president and his team must have crafted the speech and made the decision about Jerusalem knowing that they would be heavily criticized for it.