Seahawks commentator Warren Moon, Hall of Fame QB, sued for sexual harassment


Moon is now in his 13th season as a game analyst on the Seahawks' radio team. Haskell, who traveled with Moon to speaking engagements, also claims in her suit that Moon required her to stay in his hotel room and wear "skimpy thong lingerie bottoms" while sleeping in the same bed. The 61-year-old Moon has been working as a radio commentator for the Seattle Seahawks. He then ventured to the National Football League and made nine Pro Bowls, throwing for 49,325 yards, 291 touchdowns and 233 interceptions in 17 National Football League seasons with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs and Seahawks. The suit also says Moon grabbed her crotch in Seattle as well as pulling off her bathing suit after drugging her drink in a trip to Mexico in October. Haskell said she was demoted by Moon's firm in October when she complained about his sexual advances.

The woman who made the claims was hired this summer as an executive assistant to Moon, according to KING 5 TV. He finished his career in Kansas City (1999-00) and retired in 2000 after 17 seasons at age 44.

Moon won the 1989 Walter Payton Man of the Year award, but scandals involving women dogged him later in his career.

Moon threw for 49,325 yards and 291 touchdowns in the regular season and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2006. In 1995, he was sued by a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader for sexual harassment and in the same year, he was arrested for physically abusing his wife. When she protested, he replied that she had to comply to keep her job and said that "his prior assistant accepted the same arrangement", the lawsuit states. The case was settled out of court. Moon was accused of slapping and choking his wife, and then pursuing her in a auto chase when she fled their home. The couple divorced in 2001 to end a 20-year marriage.

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Fitzgerald told The Washington Post that Haskell did not report any of Moon's conduct, including the alleged sexual battery, to police.

Global News called Sports 1 Marketing twice for comment on Wednesday but on both occasions were told nobody was available to speak.

"Whenever [the assistant] expressed reservations about these outrageous "job duties, ' Moon insisted this was "just the way it is, ' and threatened [the assistant] that unless she was 'comfortable" with him, he'd 'find someone else who was.' Moon insisted these 'requirements" were part of the job, and made clear that [the assistant]'s employment depended on her acceptance and compliance with Moon's lascivious behavior, demands and orders".