PUBG On Xbox One Will Receive These Exclusive Cosmetic Packs


The Miramar map will be released as part of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' 1.0 update. While Miramar is slated to arrive when the PC version of PUBG reaches version 1.0 sometime later this month, players will be able to try the map out beforehand during the game's final test rounds on the test servers.

The largest city in the region, Los Leones offers high vantage points, construction sites and vast, abandoned buildings.

As we collectively gird our loins for the launch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One, Microsoft has confirmed the release timings for the game's arrival in Game Preview on the Xbox Store, while one of the game's cosmetic item packs is already available for purchase. Soon it will have two with a post on Steam showing new details about the new desert map - Miramar.

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In between Miramar's towns are rolling hills, rocky mountains, isolated buildings, and other interesting locations such as a cemetery, junkyard, military camp, trailer park, water treatment plant, and prison.

El Pozo is a city known for its large industrial and entertainment districts. Monte Nuevo is described as a "well stocked compound" with ample cover for shootouts. To the West of the bridge is a quaint school, and to the East, a lovely church. Here, players will hunt and be hunted among the half-buried cargo of a long dead industry.

San Martín is located just west of Hacienda Del Patrón. This looks like a prime location for loot, which usually makes it incredibly unsafe. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pecado is a tourist destination, rather than a war-torn desert town. Aggressive players will immediately loot the Arena and Casino, but savvy players should check out the 4 story hotels between them.