Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event returns December 12


"The mode is really fun and different", explains Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that the Winter Wonderland holiday event for Overwatch is set to return on December 12th, 2017, and will provide plenty of new goodies for players to enjoy this holiday season.

Kaplan also hinted at the arrival of a new, "long-awaited" Hanzo skin, previously seen in one of the Overwatch comics. The seasonal pass for King's Row and Hanamura will be returning, and the Black Forest arena map will also get the Winter Wonderland treatment with its very own seasonal pass content.

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Additionally, this year's Winter Wonderland will feature a number of appropriately festive map makeovers. In addition, there is the Mei snowball fight mode as well. The Ecopoint: Antarctica map is also in the mix alongside the black Forest arena, along with winterized versions of numerous game's maps to coincide with the event. Players will have a special event where a team of 6 Mei characters tries to take down one player-controlled Winston in a Yeti skin. The big thing here is that a player will actually control the yeti, which is a powered up version of Winston. Meis can flee and regroup with the aid of ice walls and ice traps. But once Winston triggers Primal Rage, the mode flips: It becomes all about the Meis attempting to escape before Winston can kill them. If enough of the Meis die, then the mode is over and Winston wins.

"I know a lot of you are thinking that this sounds kinda silly and kinda ridiculous", Kaplan said in his video to the Overwatch community.