House OKs GOP Bill Expanding Gun Owners' Rights


The Association remains the nation's leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. This legislation passed the House 231-198.

According to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, the U.S. House of Representatives just passed Concealed Carry Reciprocity, which would allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons in states where they do not reside.

As the House-passed bill moves to the Senate, we chose to look at whether Boyle's claim about the effects on state gun laws was correct.

Do you agree with that last statement? We'd like to see significantly tighter gun controls on the federal level, but that's something legislators clearly lack the courage to accomplish.

Moreover, we will continue to work towards improving the Fix NICS Act through amendments that protect against anti-gun executive agencies and bureaucrats, as well as establishing a system that allows people to check their firearm eligibility and correct defects in their record before police officers are sent to their homes.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would allow any individual with a concealed carry permit to carry their firearm in any other state that allows concealed carry.

"The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act is the culmination of a 30-year movement recognizing the right of all law-abiding Americans to defend themselves, and their loved ones, including when they cross state lines".

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He and other Republicans compared the concealed-carry permit to a driver's license that is valid in any state.

The bill also makes improvements to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, NICS.

With each tragedy, we lament the loopholes in our federal gun laws.

Twelve states do not require permits, which means residents of those states could be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in NY without ever having a background check or meeting any other safety requirements. Others are more lenient, and a dozen states do not even require a permit.

Our senior senator pointed out that states such as North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan and Georgia, to name just a handful, have gun permit standards that are not as safe as NY and geographies that are much more rural than urban.

"Establishing nationwide reciprocity will streamline regulations allowing permit holders to cross state lines without the worry of breaking the law", Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-New Hartford, said in a statement.