Taylor Swift Makes 'Bomb' Cornbread, Says New BFF Tiffany Haddish


Taylor Swift, who allegedly makes bomb cornbread, has tried them and approves. Haddish had her own vision, though, of what their next hang out would look like. "She's like, 'Tiffany!' And I'm like, 'What up, girl!'"

Someone get Oprah on the line; Tiffany Haddish has a Taylor Swift-approved product pitch for her. "First off, Taylor can cook, okay, she can cook!" Haddish said that after the show, Swift said she wanted to hang out with the comedian. "We gotta hang out, '" Haddish told DeGeneres.

Haddish shared that the secret to her collard greens is her attitude. "We found out we were both from the 'hood, how we both ghetto chicks, except it's different times", Haddish joked, with DeGeneres comically adding, "Different ghetto. They called joyful greens". She got yard. She got a whole lot of backyard to grow stuff. "When I pick my greens I smile", the comic explained to DeGeneres.

Haddish doesn't just bring good food to the table, however, she's also seemed to be a sparkling conversationalist. So DeGeneres presented her with a rental Tesla she can drive for a week.

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Can we get a Cardi B guest rap on Babs' next album?

As one of the stars of the record-smashing Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish has had a breakout year. In the new book, the comedian details her journey from growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness and a childhood in various foster homes to her struggles with homelessness and breaking into the entertainment industry.

Our essential brief on culture, the news, and more. She's got it all figured out: She and auntie O, which is what you call Oprah when you're black royalty but also respect your elders, will launch a traveling co-op that hits all the farmers' markets. Particularly, she wants to garden with "Auntie O".