Nvidia Shield launches in China with support for Nintendo Wii games


The Nintendo Wii and GameCube games will run at 1080p on the Shield.

Nintendo, a Japanese consumer electronics company, announced it partnership with NVIDIA to launch Wii and GameCube games for Nvidia Shield only in the Chinese market. All these games are running in HD and cost a mere $10 each (RMB 68). We're not jealous at all.

Major entries in the "Super Mario" and "Legend of Zelda" franchises are heading to Android for the first time ever.

Among the Nintendo games being made available on the Nvidia Shield are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, first released in 2006, and New Super Mario Bros Wii, from 2009.

Sure, Nintendo has released games on mobile this year.

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The companies have yet not clarified how the games will be updated for the Shield.

Not only that but each game will run at 1080p, meaning they'll look much nicer than their Wii originals.

The Android-powered Shield TV box is capable of streaming 4K HDR content, in up to 60fps, and play a whole stack of excellent games, including many exclusive to the platform. It also puts Nintendo in the company of Nvidia, which has partnered with several government-friendly Chinese companies, as well as Baidu, which powers the voice assistant in the Chinese Nvidia Shield. He said efforts to bring its new Nintendo Switch hybrid console to China continues independently of its partnership with Nvidia. Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out! right away, with other games including Super Mario Galaxy set for future release. It has been created to work with Baidu's DuerOS conversational artificial intelligence (AI) system and entertainment options from IQIYI.

Tapping China could be a masterstroke from Nintendo, given the fact that it is reportedly home to over 300 million gamers.