Truck drivers required to use electronic logs by December 18


On Monday, truckers across the country, including here in Kent, protested the new mandate. While there are some exemptions from the ELD mandate for farm and agricultural hauling, numerous rigs used for hauling horses and the activities horse owners participate in may be considered as falling outside of the exemptions. "With owner-operators, it's the government that wants to track us". The events aimed to draw mainstream media attention to drivers concerns and showcase how the mandate could also negatively affect consumers. "If it's man-made, we brought it on a truck somewhere", said Hasner. The ELD will record that their truck was moved, and force them to reset the clock, costing the trucker valuable drive time.

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- Jessica Michels (@JessicaMichels7) December 4, 2017I went to the #Illinois #ELDorME protest this morning. If you're reading on a smartphone, tap the image to call and leave us a message on our podcast line to weigh in with your story. The introduction of a third-party e-log provider into a mandated location-tracking situation on such sensitive deliveries didn't sit well with her sense of comfort. But other drivers don't think that is possible.

The regulation is created to ensure that truckers do not go over federally mandated driving limits. "We're looking at about a 20 percent loss in actual miles and revenue", she said.

"Having to have a Global Positioning System location on my truck at all times is an infringement on my rights", said Valenti.

"Essentially what it does is it says you have 14 hours to work for your entire day".

The ELD, as it is known, is a small device that plugs into a truck's engine control module, which monitors and controls some engine functions. "These people who are sitting in the office mandating this, they're not in the trucks", Audrey Wright said. Killeen and other southwest Missouri truck drivers say they are in favor of U.S. HR 3282. "And, when that clock expires, he goes into violation and that comes with a large fine. It puts you on duty", said Hasner. "The president is not listening to us. I can't support my business on that".

Come Dec. 18, Hasner said he has the option of not driving.

Truck drivers required to use electronic logs by December 18
Truck drivers required to use electronic logs by December 18

"FMCSA has listened to important feedback from many stakeholder groups, including agriculture, and will continue to take steps to ease the transition to the full implementation of the ELD rule", said FMCSA Deputy Administrator Cathy Gautreaux.

The American Trucking Association is a strong defender of the ELD's.

Darrell and Audrey Wright own a trucking company based out of Hollywood in Jackson County.

Supporters say electronic monitoring will cut down on unsafe driving during long hauls. "My plan is to wait and see if they postpone the ELDs and if they don't, that's going to be my plan, to find another truck", he said.

However; Singh said it won't be fair to the driver because they will only get paid for the time they're moving and not the time they're waiting for a load.

But Muxlow believes the new e-logs are just a race against time, adding more stress and danger to his job.

"I don't like them".

The average annual cost of an ELD is $495 per truck, according to a 2015 FMCSA estimate that is still being cited by the trucking industry.

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