Donald Trump didn't crack Twitter's list of 2017's top tweets


Twitter revealed the year's most liked and retweeted tweets on Tuesday (Dec 5), reflecting how a nation bitterly divided between Republicans and Democrats is likewise split on social media.

US President Donald Trump continued to dominate Twitter in 2017 even though former President Barack Obama's tweets were more liked and both were blown away by one man's quest for free chicken nuggets. Another tweet, which he shared after Senator John McCain's brain cancer diagnosis was made public, received more than 2 million likes, making it the third most-liked of 2017.

A 16-year-old named Carter Wilkerson, @carterjwm, garnered 3.6 million retweets in his campaign for a year's supply of nuggets from Wendy's.

Even in the US -only year-end review, BTS took the top spot, with Nicki Minaj and One Direction's Harry Styles trailing just behind.

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Curry, and others on the team, said that he didn't want to visit Trump in the White House.

Obama would make the top nine most retweets two additional times while current President Donald Trump did not make this specific list. He came in number one for top tweeted USA elected officials, with Vice-President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan taking second and third, respectively. PBS' special live coverage of Trump's inauguration day was the most viewed live stream broadcast of the year.

It was also the second most-liked post on the social media platform. The top three tweeted news outlets were Fox News, CNN and The New York Times. That was followed by #MAGA, #ImpeachTrump, #TrumpTrain, "WomensMarch and #NotMyPresident".