North Korea lambasts US-South joint military drill


From the United States side, White House national security adviser HR McMaster told a conference in California on Saturday that the chances for war on the Korean Peninsula grow daily.

A natural quake of magnitude 2.5 was detected in North Korea on Saturday close to where the country recently conducted a nuclear test, Seoul's weather agency said.

The drill, dubbed "Vigilant Ace", will take place from Monday to Friday, and feature F-22 stealth fighters and F-35 aircraft. North Korea's latest missile is believed by experts to be capable of reaching all parts of the continental U.S. Despite its range, though, reports say U.S. officials now believe the missile likely did not survive re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

He added that it's important for the US and the global community to work together to convince the North Korean leader that pursuing nuclear capabilities is a "dead end" for both him and his regime.

Last week, North Korea shattered 2½ months of relative quiet by firing off an intercontinental ballistic missile that some observers say showed the reclusive country's ability to strike the U.S. East Coast.

"I see no evidence of the investigation in any way impeding the important work that we are doing", McMaster told Fox News host Bret Baier at the Reagan National Defense Forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif.

It flew 600 miles (950 km) before splashing down in waters near Japan and is potentially capable of striking targets as far as 8,100 (13,000 km), which would put Washington within reach.

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Graham expressed confidence in the Trump administration's ability to manage the growing conflict with North Korea.

North Korea, meanwhile, has been on a tear, undeterred by global pressure.

Technical analysis of the missile flight is ongoing, but the United States official said "the North Koreans had problems with re-entry".

"The stealth fighters which the enemies boast so much of will not escape the fate of a tiger moth", the North Korean commentary said. "We're in a race to be able to solve this problem".

Bessho emphasised the importance of linking the human rights concerns to the security threats that are impacting the people there, as well as the Korean Peninsula and beyond.

"What we are endeavoring to do is to regain our strategic focus", he said.