Demolition blast fails to bring down notoriously decrepit Silverdome


The explosions were triggered 8:30 a.m. There was supposed to be a secondary blast to bring down the beams, but the beams are still standing.

"The first implosion will break the metal beams at the perimeter of the stadium", the company wrote. But there were no plans for a second explosion attempt. The implosion did do its job of breaking the stadium's steel beams, just not enough of them.

Despite the best efforts of officials in Detroit, the Silverdome refused to die.

"At some point, gravity is gonna take over, one of these sections is gonna go and it's gonna rip everything with it".

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Since the Detriot Lions moved into Ford Field back in 2001, the Pontiac Silverdome has been sitting mostly vacant as they tried to figure out what its future might hold. "The place must be waiting until the 4th quarter to actually implode".

"It looks like the Silverdome is just as resilient as Pontiac itself is", Mayor Deirdre Waterman said. One posted, "The #Silverdome not collapsing when the charges went off might be the most #Lions thing in the history of Lions things". "Even the walls are afraid to cross the goal line". However, construction crews said the implosion did work.

The stadium opened in 1975, hosting the Detroit Lions until 2002.

It's still there. Unless gravity has paid a visit.