Congress Will Face a Government Shutdown on December 22 - Merry Christmas!


President Donald Trump has told confidants that a government shutdown could be good for him politically and is focusing on his hard-line immigration stance as a way to win back supporters unhappy with his outreach to Democrats this fall, according to people who have spoken with him recently. "That seems like an abdication of responsibility".

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are pushing a spending plan ahead of a funding deadline, but far-right GOP members have opposed it, which could mean that Republicans will need to bring Democrats on board to avoid a shutdown, according to Politico.

The short-term spending bill, known as a continuing resolution, would still need support from some Democrats in the Senate, where 60 votes will be required to advance the measure and Republicans have only 52 members. "That's why we invited [Democrats] over to have a conversation about a deal", Short told reporters at the Capitol Thursday, the report said.

House GOP leaders are expected to present the plan at a closed-door meeting Friday morning.

Up against a December 8 spending deadline, House Republican leaders on Friday are expected to unveil a measure to extend current funding until December 22, said multiple aides, who were granted anonymity to describe private deliberations. "If the Senate Democrats choose to filibuster that, then they will have chosen to shut the government down, something that we do not want to see happen".

As part of the negotiation to convince moderate Republican senators like Susan Collins of ME to support the tax bill, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky promised that a bipartisan proposal to stabilize health-insurance markets would be attached to must-pass legislation-like a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown-before the end of the year.

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"We need to keep the government going, and I think going into next year would be a tremendous mistake", Byrne said.

The leader of the U.S. Senate's Republican majority on Sunday dismissed the possibility that the government could shut down later in the week when funding runs out.

Democrats also said they're expecting help from dozens of Republicans who want to see legal status for Dreamers done. Yet by the end of the meeting, the president had unexpectedly abandoned his Republican allies to side with "Chuck and Nancy", promising to shore up protections for immigrants who qualify for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in return for a three-month extension of the debt ceiling. "So stay tuned on that", he said at his weekly press conference. The White House and other Republicans have countered, demanding more money for border enforcement.

"By threatening to shut down the government and refusing to negotiate, Sen".

"North Korea is looming large", Graham said.