Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra Eliminated, Luv Tyagi Safe This Week


It is a relief to see the equation between Shilpa and Vikas take a turn for the better. Her closeness with co-contestant Puneesh Sharma didn't go down well with her boyfriend Dennis Nagpal, who broke up with her and announced it on Instagram.

If reports are to be believed, it looks like forming a love angle inside the house is not enough for staying in Bigg Boss! Year on year, people have found love within the walls of the house and Bigg Boss 11 was no different as commoners Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra found comfort in each other on the show. In fact, Shilpa is one of the first contestants to get saved by her fans' votes.

In fact, Shilpa has got the highest tweet count for any Bigg Boss contestant ever!

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Whoever was liked more by the contestants would be the next captain of the house. During her tenure as the kitchen in charge, she has often cooked customised meals for the inmates. Host Salman Khan declared Luv as safe and gave Puneesh and Bandgi some time to spend together.

It is yet to be seen if the sources are true, but if they are, then it will be interesting to see if her relationship with Puneesh still survives out of the house.

The main reason for Sapna to be a part of the show, where commoners and celebrities are locked inside a house and she was agreed to be locked in the house with them only to break the stereotype thought of India against dancers. However, we don't see her retaliating to their taunts and is, in fact, is tolerating everything with a smile on her face.